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August 22, 2007

Stairwell Fuck – Revisited

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Had the Porsche driver email me today. Wanted to know if I’d meet him at the stairwell again in the empty office park. Said he hadn’t cum in a week and would love to pump it in me. When I got the office park, it was hotter than hell, the Porsche guy was already there. He was leaned up against the car smoking a cigarette. I pulled along side of him. He went into the stairwell and I followed him. The stairwell was cool and dark, a nice change from the blistering summer sun. He grabbed me and kissed me firmly on the lips. His hands grabbed at my butt and pressed his hardening cock against me. His tongue invaded my mouth- tasting of smoke. He tugged on my belt and told me to push down my pants. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out through the fly of his Khaki colored Dockers.

“Lean up against that wall over there.”

Pushed my pants down around my ankles and pressed my hands against the cool concrete and stuck out my bare ass. Porsche guy inserted a couple fingers into my hole. Finger fucked my ass. Love when a guy goes directly at my ass- caring less about the size of my cock or the wetness of my throat.

“Nice fuckin’ hole” he said.

Could hear him spit and felt it drip down the crack of my butt. Then without any warning, he inserted his thick 6 inches into my hole. He solidly pushed into my ass- parting the cheeks of my ass with the palms of his hands. Could feel the head of his cock expand the rim of my hole each time he pulled out and re-inserted his cock. Grabbed at my hips and ground tightly into my ass. Made me feel the entire shaft deep inside me. My cock flapped against the air with each of his thrusts.

“You like that man cock boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Yeah I bet you do.”

Could feel the zipper and fabric of his pants scrape against my ass. Wished we were both butt naked in my bed. He pushed all the way- rising slightly up so his cock was solidly lodged inside my hole. Said he was going to cum. Could feel his cock throb against my prostate. Shortly after, felt him sink back down- rest for a minute and pulled his cock out of my ass.

“Jesus Christ! Look at that!” He fingered the cum that dripped from my hole and felt him push it inside.

And yet another time, I went back to work carrying a mans seed inside me, Did everything in my power holding it in my hole until I reached home this afternoon, when I pushed my Jeff Stryker dildo inside my ass. For the next hour, I rode that fucking dildo while jerking on my dick before I shot a huge load all over myself.


August 15, 2007

Sucking Cock @ The Office Park

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Hooked up at today during lunchtime with this married guy who posted an ad on Craigslist. Said he’d be parked in a parking lot in a vacant office park near by. He said he was 32, white, 5’10, 165, hung 8/cut. Said I should drive by- he’d be smoking outside his car playing with his cock through his pants and if I was interested, I should pull along side. So, shortly after noon, I headed out. It was fucking hot, but with hopes he was parked under a tree. When I pulled into the office park, I saw a guy that fit the description of the guy smoking a cigarette next to a blue Voyager mini-van. The way he paced by his car rapidly smoking made me think he was a total stress case. Pulled along side of him. He had a clean-cut sales person look about himself. Wore small black framed glasses, slick black hair and firm square jaw- very handsome in a small Clark Kent way. He totally didn’t fit the mini-van stereotype. He was playing pocket-pool and his cock protruded against this pin-stripe pants. Nodded at me as I got out of the car.

“You interested?” he said.

“Yeah- definitely!”

Took one last drag from his cigarette and threw it into the parking lot. He opened his car door and asked me to hop into the passenger seat.

Inside the mini-van, I noticed two car seats in the back. I had myself a genuine breeder. He pulled out his cock from his pants. It was big, meaty, and a big vein ran over the length of the shaft. He pushed his seat back and my head descended toward his crotch. Took the head of cock into my mouth savoring its bigness. Once wet, I pushed my throat down to the base and slowly working my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. Wished I had more space- since I kept hitting the back of my head against the steering wheel. He moaned and felt his hands on op of my head. His cock throbbed each time I sucked the head of his cock. I ran the dripping saliva that descended down the shaft up with my tongue and pushed it back down over and over. He pushed my head all the way down so my lips pressed against his thick man-pubes. I felt him thrust his big cock into my throat- while the head of his cock bobbed against the back of my throat

“Suck me cocksucker- fuck yeah!” he moaned.

The heat from the sun shined down onto the back of my neck. My shirt clung to my back from the sweat as my lips moved up and down this shaft. Occasionally nibbled at the head of cock- watching my spit run down the length.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum . . .” Pushed my head down his shaft- Felt his cum explode down my throat while I pressed my tongue against the underside of the head of his cock. Held my throat onto his crotch as he pumped the last drops of cum down my throat.

August 8, 2007

Sucking Out Loads at the Adult Bookstore

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Friday afternoon- horned up and ready to start the weekend with a big creamy load.

Went by the adult bookstore on my way to the gym. What propels me to do stuff like this I never know. Just never got enough love when I was a child- I guess! So cruised around the store. It wasn’t too crowded. I followed this one guy upstairs to the straight porn section. He was a tanned man, in his early 50’s, short trimmed s/p hair, big chest, and small gut. He wore shorts, loose fitting tropical shirt, and flip flops. Once upstairs I ventured off to the gay porn section. On occasion I could see him pear over in my direction. He moved through the different rows of videos until finally he was in the next aisle over looking in the bi-sexual video section. I glanced over at him and his shorts were nicely tented. Could see him noticeably tugging at his cock through his pockets. What ever was growing inside his pants look meaty and delicious. He nodded in my direction. I moved ever so closer.

“How about if I help you out with that?”

“Yeah? I’d like that.”

“You have a place or want to go into a booth?”

“The booth is cool.”

We went into one of the booths. There was some girl eating another girls pussy on the screen. He stood in front of me while I sat on the bench. He pulled down his shorts and exposed a very plump and meaty 7-8 inch cock. I slid it into my mouth and all the way down my throat. I moved up and down the meat. Spit dripped from my mouth. He held the sides of my head and fucked my throat. He pushed his cock deep down my throat and held the back of my neck and said he was going to cum. He shot a big creamy load down my throat. My mouth milked the mans cock until I had every last fucking drop. After he left, I waited a few minutes and watched the girl and girl action (still not understanding why STR8 guys like it) and then left. Quite thrilled with the mans creamy load coating my throat as I headed off to the gym.

July 20, 2007

Fucked at the Truckstop

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Ok so my public sex fetish is going a little far this week– not quite sure what’s going on with me. But have craved cock each day/night and multiple times a day. Each day after coming home from the gym, I’ve released one load by drilling Jeff Stryker up my hole. But then there was 1ast night. I had gone out with friends for drinks and came back home horny as all fuck. Nothing happening that late on line- already had shot a load with the dildo up my ass and wanted real meat inside me, and I was feeling sleazy. I wanted to be used. Didn’t really care by who or what. I wanted to be filled up. So what should a boy do– but ventured out to the truckstop a few trillion miles away. It had been awhile since I cruised the truckstop particularly that late. Most times that I found someone to trick with ended up sucking my cock. Tonight I could care less if my cock was sucked. I needed cock up my ass in the worst way. I wore ripped jeans, tight white t-shirt, baseball hat, and my black converse high tops. Strapped on my leather cock-ring. My cock hung loose and big down the length of my leg. The truckstop was filled with various sizes of trucks. Immediately went to cruise the rest room- nothing was going on. When I came out- noticed one guy in the distance, leaning up against the side of his rig, smoking a cigarette. Walked slowly, while keeping an eye on him, over to my car, where I stood patiently playing with myself through my pockets. What I could see of the trucker, he was still smoking but was looking in my direction. Since we were the only people out- I was hopeful that he might be interested. Kept playing with myself. He approached me and stood next to me. He looked to be in his 40’s, Italian, dark hair, 2-3 day stubble, 5’8, with a stocky build.

“Nice night.” he said in a thick New Jersey accent.

“Yep sure is.”

His eyes were on my cock or ass- couldn’t tell what. Then he placed his hand on his crotch.

“You lookin’ to help a guy out? he asked.

I smiled and told him the bathrooms clear. He took one last drag from his cigarette and threw it out onto the asphault.

Once in the bathroom, the trucker got me in the far right stahl- sat me down on the toilet and took out his cock. His cock was a thick 6-7 inch Coke-sized thick dick. Immediately started sucking him down my throat. Took it down all the way down my throat and held it there and savored the smell from this crotch. He pumped his hips against me- and fucked my throat with his thick meat. He pulled me up. Told me to pull down my pants. With the jeans around my ankles, he turned me around, bent forward, sticking out my ass as I leaned up against the stahl wall. Felt his thick Italian meat enter my hole. Fuck it felt good. He pumped inside of me with quick strokes. After about 5-10 minutes of fucking my ass, he said that he was going to cum. Moments later, he pulls out.

“Jesus that was good.” he said.

After he left, I sat on the toilet stroking my dick. I was hoping some other truck driver would come in and find me, but it was getting late. Stuck a couple fingers up my cum drenched ass and finger fucked myself. I shot a huge fucking load all over the stahl tile. The third load for the day and when I went out of the bathroom, I still looked around to see if anyone needed a hole to fuck.

July 10, 2007

Getting Fucked in the Stairwell

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For whatever reason I was horny as hell today, lacked concentration and felt a little anxious. Kept on thinking about yesterdays ass pounding. Quickly posted an ad on Craigslist thinking that a lunchtime fuck would be just what I needed. Decided to meet up with a 40 something guy who said that he was married and gave me the sob story about his wife not putting out any longer. He wouldn’t send me a face picture said that he had to be “discrete” but did send me a picture of his very thick 6 inch cock. Of course I was hoping for bigger- but the thickness of the cock definitely made up for the length. Since he had no place (worked close by) and I was no where near my place, we decided to hook up at a new office park that had been recently built near us. The office park has two stories and stairwells accessible open to the public. No one has yet to move in- so the complex is completely vacant. I arrived a little late since my conference call ran over. When I pulled into the office park, I saw silver Porsche Caymen in the lot. I pulled up next to the car. Glanced over and nodded at the guy in the Porsche. He was sitting back stroking himself through his pin stripe pants while he smoked a Camel. As described, he was in his 40’s, 6’1, 235, big barrel chest, slight gut (15-20lbs overweight) short cropped brown hair, short beard/moustache flecked with grey. We got out of our cars- and he said that we should head over to the stairwell- that he’d used it before. While walking to the stairwell, he dragged once more on his smoke and through it into the empty parking lot. I made particular notice of the gold band on his left ring ringer. The stairwell was made of concrete block and the far corner was fairly dark. He had me kneel down in the corner and take his cock from his pants. Standing before me, I pulled his cock out and promised- it wasn’t long but very thick. I started sucking him- taking it all the way down my throat. I could feel it growing immediately hard. His cock had just the right thickness to make my mouth water. Could have sucked on that fucker all day! So I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock- working the spit down the base. Once fully erect, he pulled it out of my mouth. Obviously he was there for something other than getting sucked. He pulled some lube from his pants and squirted it on the head of his cock. He stroked the lube down the base. He had me stand up, pull my pants down and brace myself with my hands against the bricks. Squirted some lube on my ass and could immediately feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole. It had been a while since having something that thick and meaty inside me. He kept pushing and my hole gave in and sucked in his cock. He slid in- gently pumping in and out- and then rapidly fucked me while holding the sides of my ass. Felt my hole stretching to accommodate the thickness from his shaft which pummeled me. Bent my head downward, stared at the cold grey concrete, as I let this fucker take control of my hole. Heard his deep breaths, but did not say a fucking word. For the next 15-minutes he pounded his thick meat into my hole. My own engorged dick was bouncing- ready to shoot a huge pent up load. All of a sudden, he felt him push deep inside me, my hole opening wide for the width, and held me to the base of his crotch and groaned “fuuuuucK!”. Could feel the fucker shooting. I breath deep taking it all in. He pulls himself out of me. Felt a little disappointed that the guy didn’t keep his cock inside me until I shot as well. Pulls up his boxers and pants, says that I should keep his email handy. Lights up another cigarette and leaves. Stroke my cock with some of the cum and lube from my hole. After of few mean strokes of my shaft, I reach around and slide a couple fingers into my asshole which makes me shoot a major fucking load up against the stairwell walls. Watch my cum drip down. Wished I could take a shower before heading back to work. Would have to cleanup in the work restroom.

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