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August 6, 2007

Weekend Recap – Fucked Again by Muscle Daddy

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Muscle Daddy summoned me to his place on Saturday.  He asked me to join him after he had finished his workout at the gym.  Asked me to wear jeans, white t-shirt, and army boots.  Had me come down to the dungeon where he would be waiting for me.  As I came down the stairs, Muscle Daddy was standing in the middle of the dungeon naked and stroking his cock.  He grabbed the back of my head- pushed my face into his left armpit.  “Sniff that that fucking pit boy!”  he ordered.  I took a deep breath- filling my lungs with his man-sweat.  It made my cock instantly hard inside my jeans.  I began to lap at his sweaty pits as he growled.   After his pits were licked cleaned he had me massage oil into his massive chest, shoulders, and bulging biceps while he stroked on his cock.  He flexed his muscles with each stroke from my hand.  The oil soaked in and glistened against his skin.  “Fuckin’ kneel!”  And his hand pushed pressed me down on my knees.  He began to beat my face with his huge hard on. 

“You want that dick boy?”

“Yes Sir!”

“You want me to feed you that cock?”

“Yes Sir any way you want Sir!”

“Open up that fucking mouth cocksucker!”

As his obedient servant, I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth.  It slid nicely in and began nursing on the massive thickness that enveloped my mouth.  I had been thinking of this cock all day—so I was extra hungry and I could tell Muscle Daddy knew because he began to full throttle skull fuck my throat.  He took my head by the sides of my ears and thrusted his hips forward into my impaled throat.  He plowed my throat like it was a guy’s hot ass. 

Muscle Daddy ordered me to get up – and pulled down my jeans so they sat just below my knees.  He pushed my legs apart as far as they could so they strained against my jeans.  Pressed against my back as he spit onto my asshole.  Could feel it drip.  He nudged the head of his cock into my hole.  And then with one swift thrust- he pushed the entire length of his meat deep inside my hole.  He pulled me by the hips and pressed my ass all the way against his crotch and began fucking me deep.  His cock felt big and thick inside me.  My cock flapped into the air as he pounded my hole deeply.  I moaned out in pure joy.  “Shut the fuck up asshole!” he yelled back at me.  Muscle Daddy didn’t want to hear a fucking word from me.  I did everything in my power to stay as silent as could be as I heard the harsh slaps of his cock/balls against my hole.  Could feel him pull all the way out- his cock head teasing my hole each time he pulled out and rammed it back in with a mighty thrust.  As he deep fucked my ass for the next 20 minutes, I could hold back any more.  Without saying a word about it, I gave in and let him fuck the cum out of my cock.  It blasted out of me- like I had been holding back for weeks.  It was one of those amazing orgasms that feel so fucking good!  Wish all orgasms were like that.  But Muscle Daddy kept fucking—until finally, he shouted out – “Take my fucking cum motherfucker!”  And he pushed me harshly against the cross and held my hips tight against his crotch and shot deep inside my hole.  . 


July 15, 2007

The Muscle Daddy

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Saturday night was the forth time I’ve hooked up with this very hot Muscle Daddy. Muscle Daddy is his 50’s, 5’8, 250, short cropped s/p hair, goatee, thick meaty cock, and an amatuer body builder. The first time we met, he was looking for muscle worship. I spent most of the evening kissing, licking, and massaging his huge chest and ripped abs. Made be bite on his trunk sized biceps- then lick out his sweaty pits. Ended with me, on my knees, sucking his 7X6 inch cock, and swallowing his load.

The second time we met, he greeted me at the door wearing nothing but tight white briefs. He had a bottled beer in his hands. Asked if I was into kink. What was a boy to say to a question like that. Then he led me down to his basement where he had turned it into a full on dungeon with St. Andrews Cross, dog cage, and black leather sling suspending by chains from the ceiling. In the middle of the dungeon, had me undress get on my knees and start sucking his cock. Once good and hard he turned me- told me to spread my legs and keep my hands on my knees. Could feel him caressing my butt. I remember thinkin/hoping that he was going to fuck me with that huge thick dick of his. Could feel him spreading my hole and then inserting the head of his cock into my ass. Then I felt his warm piss streaming into my ass. After he was done, he pulled out his cock and had me turn around and lick his cock dry. Had me get dressed and leave – without ever having him cum or have my hole fucked.

The third time, Muscle Daddy said that he had a “special” event planned for me. I should wear nothing but a white jock strap and leather dog collar. Once in his dungeon, he placed my hands behind my back, handcuffing my wrists, and then put a leather gag inside my mouth. Pushed me inside the dog cage and locked the cage door. After several minutes, he returned escorting a blindfolded naked man into the dungeon. The blindfolded guy was older, late 40’s or early 50’s, very muscular as well, with black tribal tattoos descending down both arms. Muscle Daddy propped the man into the sling. Once the blindfolded man was in the sling, Muscle Daddy approached the me in the cage and began beating his cock against my face. His cock grew hard and large as he fiercely beat it against my cheeks. Then he greased up his cock and slid it deep into the blindfolded mans ass. For what seemed like the next hour, Muscle Daddy pounded the man in the sling- occassionally glancing back at me whimpering and unable to stroke my own very hard and engorged cock. After Muscle Daddy pumped the blindfolded man full of his cum, he let me out of the cage, had me get dressed and sent me home. Once again, without ever cumming or getting fucked.

So on Saturday when he told me to come over, he instructed me to wear leather chaps (and if I didn’t own any to go out and buy them) with my ass exposed. Made sure to tell me to have my ass clean. I hoped that finally I was going to get fucked. Muscle Daddy wore a leather harness– tight leather chaps- with yellow trim down each leg, his meat hung loose from his crotch. Took me into his arms and caressed me- pulled my head, and kissed me hard. His tongue pushed deep into my mouth. His hands cupped my butt and pressed me closed against him. Led me to the St. Andrews Cross where he clasped each arm and leg to the posts. I was spread wide for his pleasure. He descended to his knees. He spit onto my cock. Pulled on my balls. And then put his mouth onto my cock– deep throated my growing cock. Took all 9/thick inches down to the base and pressed his lips against my pubes. Felt his throat throbbing against my cock. For the next half hour he gave me some of the finest deep throat that I’ve ever had in my hole entire fucking life. While sucking on my cock, he inserted three fingers deep inside my ass. Pressed his fingers against the inside of my sphincter- almost making me cum several times, but each time when I thought I’d shoot down his throat- he stopped only moments later to start it again.

Took me down from the cross and pushed me onto the dog cage. Pressed my chest and stomach flat against the bars. Instructed me to grasp tightly to the sides of the cage. He pushed my legs apart. I felt him squirt some lube onto my hole and then felt the head of his cock. He pushed the head slowly inside of me- instructed me to open up for him. Then pushed his cock all the way inside of me and began to slide in and out. I was getting fucked! He pounded me so hard the cage inched along the floor. The width of his cock spread my ass wide and the wait was well worth it. Sometimes width is far better than length. I gripped onto the bars of the cage and stared down into it. The length of my cock was inserted between the bars. To my joy, Muscle Daddy had only one speed of fucking hole- fast and furious. He pounded my hole and I took it deep. He sreamed out like a bear as he shouted he was cumming. After he pulled me back- his hard cock still lodged deep inside my ass, gripped my cock and told me to cum. I jacked myself off- my cum shoot onto the floor of the dog cage. Muscle Daddy’s hards caressed my back and neck. Once through, forced me to lick up my cum from the cage floor. I gladly obeyed. Muscle Daddy had finally fucked me.

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