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August 17, 2007

MWM Looking to Fuck

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So I’m going to start a counting how many married guys I can either suck off or get fucked by in a week. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that all the guys who want to hook up are married. Either when I post an ad on Craigslist or respond, it turns out that the responders that “really” want to hook up are married. It seems all the guys I’ve been hooking up with recently are married- not that I’m complaining. They’re looking to unload and I’m ready to receive what they’re unloading. This evening was no different. I was in a total honed up mood. I hadn’t had a genuine cock inside me since Saturday and I was itching for a good fucking. Saw a post from a “MWM Looking to Fuck”. Was 55yr, 5’11, 175, hairy, s/p hair, and hung 7. We exchanged pics and set up a time for him to drop by my place on his way home from work. I had just got out of the shower when he rang the doorbell. I opened the door with the bath towel wrapped around my waist which he seemed to like. We went into the bedroom. He pulled off the towel and had be lie on my back. He pushed my legs over my head and started eating my ass. Within minutes, his tongue was lodged clear up inside my hole and pressing against my prostrate. Grabs the base of my cock and jacks me off while his tongue is inside me. I’ve said this before and I’ll obviously say it again, married guys sure know how to eat hole. Backs away from my ass and starts to undress while staring at me. He pulls off his shirt and pants. His chest is covered with a thick matting of salt and pepper hair. His cock sticks out from his white Hanes briefs. He pushes them down to expose his fully erect cock and super low hanging balls. He presses down on me and kisses me on the lips. He has a fierce wicked tongue which pushes into my mouth. I feel his cock nudge against my hole. He thrusts his hips into me sliding his cock against mine. The head of his cock slips into my hole and he pushes in. Feel this balls slap against my ass. His tongue still deep down my throat. I wrap him up like a big Teddy Bear into my arms; my legs encircle this hips so I can feel the entire thrust of his cock deep inside my hole. He fucks me this way for the next half hour- my mouth sour from the suction from his kisses. He pounds me hard and blasts his married man cum deep inside my hole. Once again, for this moment, I am satisfied.


July 26, 2007

Fucked So Hard It Hurts!

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Late last night I found a Craigslist post from a power top that wanted to “Fuck a Bottom So Hard it Hurts!” He wanted to come by early in the morning on his way into work. He was married, 58yrs old, 5’9, 175, beefy, hairy, former Marine, hung 7/uncut, Sent me a picture and he reminded me of an older Stanley Tucci. I was more than happy to wake up early for a good old fashioned power fucking. No better way to start the day!

He came by my place around 6:30AM. My “Stanley” did not disappoint in the looks department. I thought if his cock was as thick as the picture he sent and could fuck me like he promised- I would be one happy bottom boy. Greeted him at the door wearing boxers only. Once inside, he pushed me over the edge of the sofa. Pulled down my boxes and threw them into the corner. He parted my ass cheeks to expose my hole. Felt his wet tongue licking from the top of my crack all the way down to the head of my cock. What a way to start the day! His mouth worked my hole parting it wide open with the force of his penetrating tongue. For the next twenty minutes or so- he alternated between licking my hole and sucking the head of my cock from underneath.

“You ready for my cock fucker?”

“Yes Sir! Want me to suck your cock first?”

He pressed his cock up against my crack. “Does that feel that it needs your mouth?”

“Fuck! No Sir!”

While holding onto the base of my cock, felt the tip of his cock enter my ass. With one push, he inserted the entire 7 thick inches into my hole. As he had promised, his fucking cock was thick and spread my hole open wide.

He moaned out- “Oh yeah!” He started out slow and built up speed until it felt like he was raping my hole. He pushed me further over the edge of the sofa so my cock brushed up the side. He held me by the ankles- spreading my legs wide which made me feel every inch of his cock deep into my ass. “Fuck that’s hot!” he said while slamming into me.

At this point I felt like he was pounding the livin’ crap out of- and as promised, it hurt like no-bodies business. The sure sensation of him ramming into me- making my engorged cock throb repeatedly against the sofa arm, made me shoot my load. “Jesus Fuckin’ Christ- I’m cumming!” My load shot down the side of the sofa and onto the hard wood floor. “Stanley” could care less if I came- he kept pounding away for the next ten to fifteen minutes. After I came, my hole felt like it clenched tighter around his meat. He moaned out that he was going to cum. He did not change the rhythm of his fuck- he just kept power fucking my ass and shot deep inside me. After he shot, could feel him the shivers roll throughout his groin as his cock was still lodged deep inside me. It was an intense way to start a Thursday. Definitely put a smile on my face.

Another fucking huge cum stain on the sofa that I’ll need to have dry-cleaned!

July 24, 2007

Big Fucking Slut!

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So this weekend I was a slut! What can I say. Got my throat pumped on Saturday afternoon by an older married black guy with a massive 9 inch cock. He had posted an add on Craiglist and since I was available to hosting and he was close- he came over- stood in my living room with his pants around his ankles and had me service him. I think he was impressed by my deepthroating skills since I took his cock all the way down my throat with no problem. Asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass (would have loved that mother up my hole) but said he was only looking for oral. He dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat.

Then on Sunday, well, on Sunday, I was fucked so well, I was even impressed– which now is somewhat impressive. In the morning, found a posting (where-else Craiglist ) from a married guy going for a “workout”. He was 52, white, 5’11, 185, good shape, and hung 8/thick, looking to fuck a boys ass. His email back to me stated that I was close to his gym if he could come by. He was a handsome older guy- big furry pecs- slight gut- but nice big dick, which I immediately sucked on. He laid on my bed, with his legs spread wide, and had me service his dick and big fuzzy balls. Loved how he moaned each time I licked at this balls.  Had me turn around- lubed up my ass, and had me sit on his cock with my back to him. His cock felt great in my ass. Big, thick. and definitely meaty. After a while fucking myself on his cock- he moved me over on my stomach, spread my legs, and drilled me from behind. Helayed his complete weight on me- thrusting his hips into- I could hear his balls slapping onto my ass- fucking loved it. Finally, moved me on my back with my legs over his shoulders and rammed into me. He dick was flopping against my abs each time hethrusted into me and told him after about an hours worth of taking his meat up my ass that I was going to cum. This prompted him pound me harder and deeper- “Shoot your load boy!” he shouted with sweat dripping down onto me. Without even touching my cock- the cum shot all over my chest- chin and face. He kept pumping for another 10-minutes or so and finally shouted out that he was cumming. Few minutes later pulled his cock out. I looked at all wet and glistening- a thing of fucking beauty.

I thought I had satiated by desire to get fucked until I saw a posting from a “Hung SK8TER Top for Annonymous Pump/Dump”. I emailed him a picture of my ass and he sent back a picture of his massive 8.5 cock. Wasn’t as thick as the married guy who had fucked me earlier, but a little longer. Had him come over. This guy was late 20’s, shaggy blonde hair, 6’2, 160, slender swimmers build, with tattoos up and down both arms. When he came in, he immediately stripped, but left his mesh baseball hat on. I went on my knees and deepthroated his cock- this guy was a throat fucker so he took the sides of my face and fucked my throat. He fucked my throat so hard I thought my face was going to pop off. After about 20-minutes of straight face fucking me- without saying a word- shot a load down my throat. After nursing on the last drop, he pulled out and thought he was done, but he said he wanted to see my butt. So I got on all fours and showed him my butt. He started fingering it. And then could feel his whole face in my crack. His tongue was so far up my hole I thought I could feel it come out of my throat! It felt so fucking great. At first, I didn’t know if I could withstand another fucking after getting fucked hard by the married guy, but once his tongue was up my ass- I knew I needed another cock inside me in the worst way. He obviously noticed how big my dick got when he was rimming me- because he said “Jeez, you mind if I suck your dick?”

“Go for it man!”

Bent under me and took my cock into his mouth. Could feel this wet hot mouth trying to take me deep, but couldn’t manage. It felt good to have a mouth on my cock. I had already cum twice (once early in the morning while jacking myself off and then while getting fucked by the married guy) and felt a little overly sensitive.

Finally, had me ge on my hands and knees and he inserted his cock into my ass. He inserted the hole pole deep inside me and grinded himself into. Pulled back and began smoothly fucking my hole. Kept sliding my hips back and forth on his shaft. Leaned back on his heels and pulled me on his cock. Kept on saying, “Bro’ feels so fucking good!” Rocked me back and forth on his long pole for the next twenty minutes while I reached under me and jacked my dick. He screamed out “Dude I’m gonna cum!” Pulled me all the way onto his dick and grinded into my ass while he pumped his load into my ass. Got to love guys who can shoot multiple times! Then after a couple minutes, pulled out of me, and asked if he could watch me cum. So I laid on the floor- staring up at him, his long dick dangling down from his crotch, dripping on occassion a droplet of cum, while jacking my cock. I stuck a couple fingers up my ass and felt the warm wetness. Feeling his big load inside me- I shot my load all over me. My third and final load for the day. Got to love Sundays!

July 17, 2007

Getting Fucked in the Garage

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Horned up again. My hole was on fire. During lunch cruised Craigslist for a top that was close by to work. Found a married guy working on his car who was interested in having me come over. Asked me if I’d be interested getting fucked in his garage. He didn’t have a picture, but said that I could drive by his house, he would be working in the garage, and I could walk up the drive-way and ask for directions. He’d rub his cock, I he was interested and if I wasn’t then could take off. Said he was 48 yrs old, 5’11, 185, blonde hair, blue eyes, hairy, full beard, and hung 8. Since the description seemed like my type of guy- I was game.

It was hot today and when I drove by his house in a quite little pocket of houses not far from the office, he was in his garage as promised. A black vintage Mustang was in the garage with the hood up. He stood next do it- bare chested- smoking a cigarette. A blonde fur covered his chest and abs. He looked like he had once worked out, but the “test of time” had slowed (and sagged) certain parts of his body. But he was definitely a hot looking guy- reminiscent of a Nick Nolte (during his good looking years). Walked up the drive way. He began rubbing the outline of his cock in his jeans which was my sign that he was interested in me. The outline of his cock inside his jeans looked meaty and made my mouth water. I approached him and asked that I thought I was lost, but found what I was looking for. He took one last drag from his cigarette and through it onto the concrete snubbing it out under this work boot. Had me follow him into the garage and then pulled the switch for the garage door to close. I wasted no time and began rubbing his cock inside his pants while he stared intently into my eyes. He pulled me toward him, pressed me tightly to his big sweaty chest, and kissed me deep on the lips. He tasted of smoke and mint. He then told me to suck his cock.

His cock was already hard when I took it down my throat. As promised, he had a big thick 8 inches of genuine meat which I lovingly savored. I bobbed up and down- taking it all the way down my hot throat. Under his breath I could hear him say “suck my cock”. Pressed my lips against his full man-pubes while I massaged his hairy balls. His cock, tasted sweet and salty, dripped with my spit. He leaned back against his Mustang and gently ran his fingers through my hair.

Pulled me up, pushed me against the car, pressed his lips against mine. He unbuckled my belt and then slid down my pants. He reached around and grabbed my butt into both hands. He grinded his cock against mine and began thrusting against me. Had me turn around and lean against the side of the car. Could feel him spit onto my ass– his hand spreading the spit down my crack, and his fingers opened my pink hole. With one giant push, I could feel his cock thrust into my hole. He fucked me with deep long strokes making me feel the entire length of his big cock sliding inside me. I leaned one hand against the car while pushing my own cock backwards so it brushed up against his thrusting cock and balls. Heard his breath quicken as he began pushing into me ever more quickly. Asked me where I wanted his cum. And told him to pump it inside me. Moments later- he screamed out “Fuck!” and could feel him pushing his cock deep into my hole. As he was shooting inside me, I leaned back against his chest and stroked my cock and shot my load. My cum puddle beneath me on the garage floor. Once again, went back to work- wishing for a shower and filled with a marred mans cum.

July 10, 2007

Getting Fucked in the Stairwell

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For whatever reason I was horny as hell today, lacked concentration and felt a little anxious. Kept on thinking about yesterdays ass pounding. Quickly posted an ad on Craigslist thinking that a lunchtime fuck would be just what I needed. Decided to meet up with a 40 something guy who said that he was married and gave me the sob story about his wife not putting out any longer. He wouldn’t send me a face picture said that he had to be “discrete” but did send me a picture of his very thick 6 inch cock. Of course I was hoping for bigger- but the thickness of the cock definitely made up for the length. Since he had no place (worked close by) and I was no where near my place, we decided to hook up at a new office park that had been recently built near us. The office park has two stories and stairwells accessible open to the public. No one has yet to move in- so the complex is completely vacant. I arrived a little late since my conference call ran over. When I pulled into the office park, I saw silver Porsche Caymen in the lot. I pulled up next to the car. Glanced over and nodded at the guy in the Porsche. He was sitting back stroking himself through his pin stripe pants while he smoked a Camel. As described, he was in his 40’s, 6’1, 235, big barrel chest, slight gut (15-20lbs overweight) short cropped brown hair, short beard/moustache flecked with grey. We got out of our cars- and he said that we should head over to the stairwell- that he’d used it before. While walking to the stairwell, he dragged once more on his smoke and through it into the empty parking lot. I made particular notice of the gold band on his left ring ringer. The stairwell was made of concrete block and the far corner was fairly dark. He had me kneel down in the corner and take his cock from his pants. Standing before me, I pulled his cock out and promised- it wasn’t long but very thick. I started sucking him- taking it all the way down my throat. I could feel it growing immediately hard. His cock had just the right thickness to make my mouth water. Could have sucked on that fucker all day! So I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock- working the spit down the base. Once fully erect, he pulled it out of my mouth. Obviously he was there for something other than getting sucked. He pulled some lube from his pants and squirted it on the head of his cock. He stroked the lube down the base. He had me stand up, pull my pants down and brace myself with my hands against the bricks. Squirted some lube on my ass and could immediately feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole. It had been a while since having something that thick and meaty inside me. He kept pushing and my hole gave in and sucked in his cock. He slid in- gently pumping in and out- and then rapidly fucked me while holding the sides of my ass. Felt my hole stretching to accommodate the thickness from his shaft which pummeled me. Bent my head downward, stared at the cold grey concrete, as I let this fucker take control of my hole. Heard his deep breaths, but did not say a fucking word. For the next 15-minutes he pounded his thick meat into my hole. My own engorged dick was bouncing- ready to shoot a huge pent up load. All of a sudden, he felt him push deep inside me, my hole opening wide for the width, and held me to the base of his crotch and groaned “fuuuuucK!”. Could feel the fucker shooting. I breath deep taking it all in. He pulls himself out of me. Felt a little disappointed that the guy didn’t keep his cock inside me until I shot as well. Pulls up his boxers and pants, says that I should keep his email handy. Lights up another cigarette and leaves. Stroke my cock with some of the cum and lube from my hole. After of few mean strokes of my shaft, I reach around and slide a couple fingers into my asshole which makes me shoot a major fucking load up against the stairwell walls. Watch my cum drip down. Wished I could take a shower before heading back to work. Would have to cleanup in the work restroom.

July 9, 2007

Taking Like a Bitch

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I hadn’t been fucked in a couple days and I was in need in a bad way.  So I posted my usual ad on Craiglist. While I was waiting for responses, I cruised my usual haunts searching for cock. After several hours of emailing back and forth with several guys, I found a married guy, named Jack, looking to come over and fuck. He was in his early 50’s, decent muscular build, hairy, s/p short cropped hair, and said his hung about 8 incches. Made sure that he loved to fuck and he said that he was totally into it ass- so gave him my address and cleaned up (and out).

Thirty minutes later, Jack was at the door. I greeted him bare-chested, pair of baggy cargos from A&F, and baseball cap. Jack said he likes to fuck guys wearing baseball hats. Once the door was closed, he told me to get on my knees and take his cock out. I unzipped him- and pulled out his cock. As promised, his cock was very long even soft. I turned around my bat backwards so the bill wouldn’t get int the way. I took into my mouth and started going to town bobbing up and down on it. It grew to a very respectable 8 inches but not very thick. His balls hung tightly nestled under this erect cock. He grinded my face into his crotch making me take the entire length of his shaft down my throat. He held my head pressing my face all the way so my lips pressed against his big thick pubes while he grinded into me. “Take all of it bitch!” he said to me. This guy thrusted fiercely down my throat and I was in PIG heaven.

He had me stand up and take off my shorts. While pushing down my shorts, he bend down and bit on my erect nipples- twisted and pulled them with his teeth. The intense heat from his mouth sent chills down my stomach and my cock and ass came alive. I could feel my cock grow entirely erect and my hole felt moist. I reached down and pulled on my cock. “Nice dick fucker!” he said. He reached around and slid hand on my ass and felt his fingers slide into my crack. Told me to get on all fours- that he wanted to see my ass. Of course I obeyed like the good little boy that I was. Could feel him probing my hole with his fingers. Fingered it so just the tips of his fingers penetrated. And then I could feel the moist hot wetness of his tongue licking against my hole. He started slowly and then pushed his tongue (which felt bigger than some cocks) all the way into my hole. I could hear him making these growling sounds as his rapidly flicked his tongue in and out of my ass. “Push your head down!” Jack pushed my head so my forehead pressed against the hard wood floor. He thrusted the length of his cock alongside my crack. I could feel his spit sliding along my crack which was building a fiery friction. I could feel a few squirts of lube dripping from my crack and then he slowly pushed the head of his dick into my hole. He eased in obviously getting used to the feeling and then pushed all the way in. I could feel his big 8 inch cock move in and out of my hole. “Hot pussy you got there boy!” He said as I felt him pounding into me. I could feel my hole opening up even further as he pushed all 8 inches deep inside of me and just grinded. Then pulled all the way and stuffed it back in. He yelled out — “Take it bitch!” My hole throbbed against his cock.

“Is my boy going to fucking cum?” Jack asked.

“Yes Sir Pump it out of me Sir!”

My head still pressed against the hard wood floor, I dug my fingers into the sides of my baseball hat. I yelled out in pure delightful anguish. While gribbing the sides of my ass, he pounded into me harder, and then harder, until I felt the friction build to such a heat that the cum started pumping out of my cock without me even touching myself. Moments later, he pulled out of me, started stroking his greased cock, and shot his baby batter all over my ass. I felt the cum drip down into crack and I quickly reached around and pushed some into my well fucked hole.

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