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July 12, 2007

What are ex-BF’s for?

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Last night there was a loud pounding on my front door. It was late and wasn’t expecting anyone. Looked through the peep hole and saw my ex-boyfriend leaning against the entry way. He looked wasted which only meant one thing– he had been out drinking and needed to a quick fuck. I opened the door. He stood leaning against side wall- still wearing his tan kahki suit, white shirt, and blue paisley tie.

“You alone?” he asked. He knows me so well!
He said he was wining and dining a customer and was in the area. Once inside, he pressed up against me, biting at my neck, his breath hot and dark, while pulling on my cock through my shorts. I could feel his cock growing harder inside his pants as he rubbed up against me.Sex was never the issue with my ex and I. We shared great chemistry and remained close. Knew that we’d always be great friends. I think he was hoping that someday we might even give it another shot at boyfriends. The EX is a big beefy guy, ex- leather title holder, 6’1, 190, shaved head, goatee flecked with s/p, crystal blue eyes, big hairy chest, flat abs, big meaty eight inch cock, and a vicious fucker.

We went to the bedroom- feverishly taking off our clothes. He pushed me on my stomach across the bed and spread my legs. I started kissing my ass cheeks while spreading them wide. Felt his mouth- his tongue licking up and down my crack. One thing that I loved about the EX is that he could eat ass for hours-so I layed back ready to enjoy a long hot rimming. He tongue fucked my hole- pushing it in all the way he could so his furry chin brushed against my crack and balls. He pulled my erect cock from underneath me and licked from the head of my cock all up along the crack of my ass. Could feel saliva drip downward. I was in pig heaven.

Had me sit on his face- pulling my cheeks apart and rode his tongue along my crack. My cock flapped against his chin oozing huge amounts of pre-cum (even for me). He stroked on his fully erect cock and the site of it- made my fucking mouth water. The EX then pushed me forward- I collapsed onto his hard stomach where I took his cock immediately down my throat. I bobbed up and down the meaty pick like I hadn’t had a cock in years. Took it down the base where I held it down my throat until I couldn’t breathe. A pool of spit collected at the base. While the EX started throating my cock. Must say that he could give head to me better than anyone. He had the amazing ability to take all 9 inches down his throat and keeping it there without gagging. While sucking my cock, I could feel his fingers entering into my hole. Could feel one and then two and then three . . . my back arched I fucking moaned out to be fucked. I was ready.

Pushed me over on my back- so my ass hung off the side of the bed- my legs braced on his shoulders and his cock pushed into my ass. He pushed all the way and without any buildup pounded into me. Pounded again and again. His balls slapping against my ass, cock thrusting in and out, and hands gripping into my pecs.

“Pound me fucker! Harder!” I begged.

And he pounded- to my surprise harder, giving me everything he got.

“Going to fucking cum!” he shouted. Pushed all the way in and fell completely forward and laid on top of me while his cock thrusted inside me.

Even after he came, he rammed his cock in and out of my ass- his cock head thrusting against that place inside me that makes me want to cum. I looked into his eyes- staring deep into his crystal blue pools- felt his hot wet hand stroke my cock. I shot- cum squirting upward and falling back down onto my chest and abs. Moments later- he pulled out and collapsed on the bed falling into sleep where he laid until this morning.


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