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August 8, 2007

Sucking Out Loads at the Adult Bookstore

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Friday afternoon- horned up and ready to start the weekend with a big creamy load.

Went by the adult bookstore on my way to the gym. What propels me to do stuff like this I never know. Just never got enough love when I was a child- I guess! So cruised around the store. It wasn’t too crowded. I followed this one guy upstairs to the straight porn section. He was a tanned man, in his early 50’s, short trimmed s/p hair, big chest, and small gut. He wore shorts, loose fitting tropical shirt, and flip flops. Once upstairs I ventured off to the gay porn section. On occasion I could see him pear over in my direction. He moved through the different rows of videos until finally he was in the next aisle over looking in the bi-sexual video section. I glanced over at him and his shorts were nicely tented. Could see him noticeably tugging at his cock through his pockets. What ever was growing inside his pants look meaty and delicious. He nodded in my direction. I moved ever so closer.

“How about if I help you out with that?”

“Yeah? I’d like that.”

“You have a place or want to go into a booth?”

“The booth is cool.”

We went into one of the booths. There was some girl eating another girls pussy on the screen. He stood in front of me while I sat on the bench. He pulled down his shorts and exposed a very plump and meaty 7-8 inch cock. I slid it into my mouth and all the way down my throat. I moved up and down the meat. Spit dripped from my mouth. He held the sides of my head and fucked my throat. He pushed his cock deep down my throat and held the back of my neck and said he was going to cum. He shot a big creamy load down my throat. My mouth milked the mans cock until I had every last fucking drop. After he left, I waited a few minutes and watched the girl and girl action (still not understanding why STR8 guys like it) and then left. Quite thrilled with the mans creamy load coating my throat as I headed off to the gym.


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