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August 2, 2007

After Work Fucking

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So I missed my regularly scheduled workout at the gym this evening in lieu of an old fashioned fucking. I was “itching” for a hard cock after work today so I responded to a few postings on Craigslist. Like usual, there was a large percentage of guys looking for tops. But I did find some guy who said he was versatile and dropped him an email. The stats he posted were “46yrs old, 6.0, 190, muscle, blk/brn, 8c., versatile”. We exchanged pics and told him that I wasn’t “versatile” and required an ass fucking if we met. He was game- liking my cock and ass. It was a long time since I had a nice big black cock inside my hole and was definitely ready.

When I got to his place, as promised, he was a very handsome guy- totally athletic looking like he was an football running back or something. Once the door closed, he immediately felt up my crotch. He gave my dick a tug through my pants. He had me sit on the sofa and asked if he could suck my cock. He kneeled in between my open legs and went to work on my cock. Must say he had a hot velvet throat which definitely got me big and hard. He managed to take me all the way down his throat which I commended him for. Then he lifted legs up and started eating at my hole. He dived in like it was his last meal. Had me turn around in a doggy style position and ate my hole from behind. I buried his entire face into my ass. His tongue was lodged way up inside my hole. I was in fucking heaven. Without any noticed, he squashed my head into the sofa cushion and pushed his meaty black cock inside my ass. There was no getting me used to his cock- like with some tops. He had buried the entire 8 inches and began thusting in and out of me. It appeared that this guy had only one speed of fucking– and that was fast. He pounded it inside of me like I was being tenderized or something. Don’t get me wrong- I live for a rough fast fuck. Love my hole raped!

He said that he was about to cum- but wanted to shoot it on my face. Had me flip over and straddled my throat. He began fiercely stroking his big cock while I stuck out my tongue in hopes of drinking down at least some of his seed. Moments later he pumped out a load (small but thick) that splattered on my nose and lips. After cumming, he stuck the head of his dick inside my mouth and I sucked as much cum out as I could. He asked if he could suck me off. He got down between my legs and took my cock into his mouth. He worked it up and down. Inserted a couple fingers into my ass and finger fucked me. Pressed the tips of his fingers against my prostrate and he must have sensed that I was about to cum because he took all my 9 inches down to the base and I unloaded down his throat. He drank it down without missing a drop.


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