Big Dicked Bottom

August 17, 2007

MWM Looking to Fuck

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So I’m going to start a counting how many married guys I can either suck off or get fucked by in a week. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that all the guys who want to hook up are married. Either when I post an ad on Craigslist or respond, it turns out that the responders that “really” want to hook up are married. It seems all the guys I’ve been hooking up with recently are married- not that I’m complaining. They’re looking to unload and I’m ready to receive what they’re unloading. This evening was no different. I was in a total honed up mood. I hadn’t had a genuine cock inside me since Saturday and I was itching for a good fucking. Saw a post from a “MWM Looking to Fuck”. Was 55yr, 5’11, 175, hairy, s/p hair, and hung 7. We exchanged pics and set up a time for him to drop by my place on his way home from work. I had just got out of the shower when he rang the doorbell. I opened the door with the bath towel wrapped around my waist which he seemed to like. We went into the bedroom. He pulled off the towel and had be lie on my back. He pushed my legs over my head and started eating my ass. Within minutes, his tongue was lodged clear up inside my hole and pressing against my prostrate. Grabs the base of my cock and jacks me off while his tongue is inside me. I’ve said this before and I’ll obviously say it again, married guys sure know how to eat hole. Backs away from my ass and starts to undress while staring at me. He pulls off his shirt and pants. His chest is covered with a thick matting of salt and pepper hair. His cock sticks out from his white Hanes briefs. He pushes them down to expose his fully erect cock and super low hanging balls. He presses down on me and kisses me on the lips. He has a fierce wicked tongue which pushes into my mouth. I feel his cock nudge against my hole. He thrusts his hips into me sliding his cock against mine. The head of his cock slips into my hole and he pushes in. Feel this balls slap against my ass. His tongue still deep down my throat. I wrap him up like a big Teddy Bear into my arms; my legs encircle this hips so I can feel the entire thrust of his cock deep inside my hole. He fucks me this way for the next half hour- my mouth sour from the suction from his kisses. He pounds me hard and blasts his married man cum deep inside my hole. Once again, for this moment, I am satisfied.


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