Big Dicked Bottom

August 6, 2007

Weekend Recap – Fucked Again by Muscle Daddy

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Muscle Daddy summoned me to his place on Saturday.  He asked me to join him after he had finished his workout at the gym.  Asked me to wear jeans, white t-shirt, and army boots.  Had me come down to the dungeon where he would be waiting for me.  As I came down the stairs, Muscle Daddy was standing in the middle of the dungeon naked and stroking his cock.  He grabbed the back of my head- pushed my face into his left armpit.  “Sniff that that fucking pit boy!”  he ordered.  I took a deep breath- filling my lungs with his man-sweat.  It made my cock instantly hard inside my jeans.  I began to lap at his sweaty pits as he growled.   After his pits were licked cleaned he had me massage oil into his massive chest, shoulders, and bulging biceps while he stroked on his cock.  He flexed his muscles with each stroke from my hand.  The oil soaked in and glistened against his skin.  “Fuckin’ kneel!”  And his hand pushed pressed me down on my knees.  He began to beat my face with his huge hard on. 

“You want that dick boy?”

“Yes Sir!”

“You want me to feed you that cock?”

“Yes Sir any way you want Sir!”

“Open up that fucking mouth cocksucker!”

As his obedient servant, I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth.  It slid nicely in and began nursing on the massive thickness that enveloped my mouth.  I had been thinking of this cock all day—so I was extra hungry and I could tell Muscle Daddy knew because he began to full throttle skull fuck my throat.  He took my head by the sides of my ears and thrusted his hips forward into my impaled throat.  He plowed my throat like it was a guy’s hot ass. 

Muscle Daddy ordered me to get up – and pulled down my jeans so they sat just below my knees.  He pushed my legs apart as far as they could so they strained against my jeans.  Pressed against my back as he spit onto my asshole.  Could feel it drip.  He nudged the head of his cock into my hole.  And then with one swift thrust- he pushed the entire length of his meat deep inside my hole.  He pulled me by the hips and pressed my ass all the way against his crotch and began fucking me deep.  His cock felt big and thick inside me.  My cock flapped into the air as he pounded my hole deeply.  I moaned out in pure joy.  “Shut the fuck up asshole!” he yelled back at me.  Muscle Daddy didn’t want to hear a fucking word from me.  I did everything in my power to stay as silent as could be as I heard the harsh slaps of his cock/balls against my hole.  Could feel him pull all the way out- his cock head teasing my hole each time he pulled out and rammed it back in with a mighty thrust.  As he deep fucked my ass for the next 20 minutes, I could hold back any more.  Without saying a word about it, I gave in and let him fuck the cum out of my cock.  It blasted out of me- like I had been holding back for weeks.  It was one of those amazing orgasms that feel so fucking good!  Wish all orgasms were like that.  But Muscle Daddy kept fucking—until finally, he shouted out – “Take my fucking cum motherfucker!”  And he pushed me harshly against the cross and held my hips tight against his crotch and shot deep inside my hole.  . 


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