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August 22, 2007

Stairwell Fuck – Revisited

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Had the Porsche driver email me today. Wanted to know if I’d meet him at the stairwell again in the empty office park. Said he hadn’t cum in a week and would love to pump it in me. When I got the office park, it was hotter than hell, the Porsche guy was already there. He was leaned up against the car smoking a cigarette. I pulled along side of him. He went into the stairwell and I followed him. The stairwell was cool and dark, a nice change from the blistering summer sun. He grabbed me and kissed me firmly on the lips. His hands grabbed at my butt and pressed his hardening cock against me. His tongue invaded my mouth- tasting of smoke. He tugged on my belt and told me to push down my pants. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out through the fly of his Khaki colored Dockers.

“Lean up against that wall over there.”

Pushed my pants down around my ankles and pressed my hands against the cool concrete and stuck out my bare ass. Porsche guy inserted a couple fingers into my hole. Finger fucked my ass. Love when a guy goes directly at my ass- caring less about the size of my cock or the wetness of my throat.

“Nice fuckin’ hole” he said.

Could hear him spit and felt it drip down the crack of my butt. Then without any warning, he inserted his thick 6 inches into my hole. He solidly pushed into my ass- parting the cheeks of my ass with the palms of his hands. Could feel the head of his cock expand the rim of my hole each time he pulled out and re-inserted his cock. Grabbed at my hips and ground tightly into my ass. Made me feel the entire shaft deep inside me. My cock flapped against the air with each of his thrusts.

“You like that man cock boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Yeah I bet you do.”

Could feel the zipper and fabric of his pants scrape against my ass. Wished we were both butt naked in my bed. He pushed all the way- rising slightly up so his cock was solidly lodged inside my hole. Said he was going to cum. Could feel his cock throb against my prostate. Shortly after, felt him sink back down- rest for a minute and pulled his cock out of my ass.

“Jesus Christ! Look at that!” He fingered the cum that dripped from my hole and felt him push it inside.

And yet another time, I went back to work carrying a mans seed inside me, Did everything in my power holding it in my hole until I reached home this afternoon, when I pushed my Jeff Stryker dildo inside my ass. For the next hour, I rode that fucking dildo while jerking on my dick before I shot a huge load all over myself.


August 19, 2007

Dilemna Resolved- It’s Official, I’m a Slut!

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Say what you will, I’m a slut! Can’t help it, I think below the waist. When I’m in need of cock, I’m in need. Couple days ago I ended up finally responding to the email and sent my picture to the BF of my good friend. He emailed me back and said that he always thought I was hot and wanted to “do” me. So, we made arrangements for him to come over today after his workout. His boyfriend would be out shopping with friends.

So this afternoon, he still was wearing his workout shorts and tank top. I was definitely impressed by his nice pecs. Got me immediately in the mood to get fucked (like I needed it!) I offered him a beer and we went onto the patio where he could drink his beer he had a post workout smoke. It was all a little awkward at first. We’d known each other for more than 6 years but had always done things as a group. We briefly discussed their relationship. How the sex had dwindled to nothing. Spent the next hour or so talking about relationships. He wanted a full on autopsy of my last relationship. By the time we were through, I felt like a goddamn therapist. Not exactly what I was exactly looking forward to- at first any way.

In hopes of getting the topic back to having hot sex, I asked if he wanted to go in. He said that he was hoping I’d ask. Went into the bedroom. He asked if he could shower first since he didn’t at the gym. Was too anxious to come over. When he came out of the shower, I was spread on the bed, naked, and my cock semi erect. He croached between my legs and started sucking my dick. He worked the entire shaft up and down- made it fucking hard as hell. While sucking me, his fingers were working my ass which was driving me crazy. I wanted his cock so fucking bad.

He looked up and said, “Jeez, I never knew you were so fuckin’ huge!” Bent back down and kept on sucking. At this point he had three fingers up my ass– finger fucked my hole with smooth gentle strokes. He pressed the balls of his fingers against my prostrate massaging the muscle back and forth which drove me into convulsions. I could have cum right then and there.

He held onto the back of the headboard as he straddled my face and inserted his thick 7 plus cock deep down my throat. He proceeded to fuck my throat deep and hard- his balls slapped against my chin and my mouth salivated at the fierce pounding that my mouth was taking.

Flipped me over and greased up my ass. Felt him press against my lower back as his cock entered my hole. He pushed all the way in and began pumping his thick meat into.  He slammed against my ass over and over again.  Fell ontop of me, kissed at my neck.  His feet pushed my legs further apart- making me feel the entire brunt of his fuck.  Could feel his lungs pumping against my back- his chest sticked against my back.  Fuck, my hole felt like it was on fire from his pounding.  Until finally he sped up the thrusts and said that he was going to cum.  He pushed my hands and gripped them tight as he screamed into my ear.  Felt him pump his load deep inside my hole.

August 17, 2007

MWM Looking to Fuck

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So I’m going to start a counting how many married guys I can either suck off or get fucked by in a week. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that all the guys who want to hook up are married. Either when I post an ad on Craigslist or respond, it turns out that the responders that “really” want to hook up are married. It seems all the guys I’ve been hooking up with recently are married- not that I’m complaining. They’re looking to unload and I’m ready to receive what they’re unloading. This evening was no different. I was in a total honed up mood. I hadn’t had a genuine cock inside me since Saturday and I was itching for a good fucking. Saw a post from a “MWM Looking to Fuck”. Was 55yr, 5’11, 175, hairy, s/p hair, and hung 7. We exchanged pics and set up a time for him to drop by my place on his way home from work. I had just got out of the shower when he rang the doorbell. I opened the door with the bath towel wrapped around my waist which he seemed to like. We went into the bedroom. He pulled off the towel and had be lie on my back. He pushed my legs over my head and started eating my ass. Within minutes, his tongue was lodged clear up inside my hole and pressing against my prostrate. Grabs the base of my cock and jacks me off while his tongue is inside me. I’ve said this before and I’ll obviously say it again, married guys sure know how to eat hole. Backs away from my ass and starts to undress while staring at me. He pulls off his shirt and pants. His chest is covered with a thick matting of salt and pepper hair. His cock sticks out from his white Hanes briefs. He pushes them down to expose his fully erect cock and super low hanging balls. He presses down on me and kisses me on the lips. He has a fierce wicked tongue which pushes into my mouth. I feel his cock nudge against my hole. He thrusts his hips into me sliding his cock against mine. The head of his cock slips into my hole and he pushes in. Feel this balls slap against my ass. His tongue still deep down my throat. I wrap him up like a big Teddy Bear into my arms; my legs encircle this hips so I can feel the entire thrust of his cock deep inside my hole. He fucks me this way for the next half hour- my mouth sour from the suction from his kisses. He pounds me hard and blasts his married man cum deep inside my hole. Once again, for this moment, I am satisfied.

August 15, 2007

Sucking Cock @ The Office Park

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Hooked up at today during lunchtime with this married guy who posted an ad on Craigslist. Said he’d be parked in a parking lot in a vacant office park near by. He said he was 32, white, 5’10, 165, hung 8/cut. Said I should drive by- he’d be smoking outside his car playing with his cock through his pants and if I was interested, I should pull along side. So, shortly after noon, I headed out. It was fucking hot, but with hopes he was parked under a tree. When I pulled into the office park, I saw a guy that fit the description of the guy smoking a cigarette next to a blue Voyager mini-van. The way he paced by his car rapidly smoking made me think he was a total stress case. Pulled along side of him. He had a clean-cut sales person look about himself. Wore small black framed glasses, slick black hair and firm square jaw- very handsome in a small Clark Kent way. He totally didn’t fit the mini-van stereotype. He was playing pocket-pool and his cock protruded against this pin-stripe pants. Nodded at me as I got out of the car.

“You interested?” he said.

“Yeah- definitely!”

Took one last drag from his cigarette and threw it into the parking lot. He opened his car door and asked me to hop into the passenger seat.

Inside the mini-van, I noticed two car seats in the back. I had myself a genuine breeder. He pulled out his cock from his pants. It was big, meaty, and a big vein ran over the length of the shaft. He pushed his seat back and my head descended toward his crotch. Took the head of cock into my mouth savoring its bigness. Once wet, I pushed my throat down to the base and slowly working my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft. Wished I had more space- since I kept hitting the back of my head against the steering wheel. He moaned and felt his hands on op of my head. His cock throbbed each time I sucked the head of his cock. I ran the dripping saliva that descended down the shaft up with my tongue and pushed it back down over and over. He pushed my head all the way down so my lips pressed against his thick man-pubes. I felt him thrust his big cock into my throat- while the head of his cock bobbed against the back of my throat

“Suck me cocksucker- fuck yeah!” he moaned.

The heat from the sun shined down onto the back of my neck. My shirt clung to my back from the sweat as my lips moved up and down this shaft. Occasionally nibbled at the head of cock- watching my spit run down the length.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum . . .” Pushed my head down his shaft- Felt his cum explode down my throat while I pressed my tongue against the underside of the head of his cock. Held my throat onto his crotch as he pumped the last drops of cum down my throat.

August 14, 2007

Weekend Recap – Pickup @ The Eagle

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After spending a good portion of the early evening on Saturday cruising the usual Internet spots for cock, I decided to head out to the Eagle in hopes of finding someone to fuck me. It was still hotter than hell, but what the fuck, I might as well be in leather and sweat. As a concession to the heat, I decided to go bare ass and just wear my leather jock strap and chaps. When I got there, it turned out the Bear Night. I hit the back bar, grabbed a beer, and chatted with the bartender who was an old friend. Since I hadn’t seen him in a while, we quickly caught up in between him serving drinks. Then for the next hour, I spent cruising the bar showing off my ass in hope it would spur some guys attention. Had a few guys notice the size of my package and ask if they could “help” me out. I headed out to patio where a group of guys were hanging out. Noticed a hot looking bare chested daddy (about 5’9, 180, shaved head, s/p goatee) smoking a cigar in the corner. Noticed he was eyeballing me (or was it my ass?). I waited awhile, sticking out my ass, showing it off a little, letting him know what I was looking for. Finally he approached me. Didn’t say anything- just stared up at me and blew cigar smoke into my face.

“Been watching you.” he said.

“Yeah I know.”

“You want to kick this place and go to my place?”

Not more than five steps inside his place, he opened his jeans and freed his cock and had me down on my knees sucking it. His cock was 7 cut and mighty thick. He had me slurp on the head and beat it against my tongue. Started fucking the thick meat into my mouth like it was pussy.

Had me stand up- and took my face into his hands and kissed me. His tongue pushed into my mouth and he sucked me in. I tasted the smoke from his cigar. He pressed against my cock which strained inside my leather jockstrap. With his mouth against mine, he removed my jockstrap. My cock fell free. He bent onto his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He kissed the head of my dick and lightly licked up and down the length. He managed to take a quarter of it down his throat and began fucking his throat against my cock. At the same time, he swirled two fingers against my hole. Had me straddle his face while he pulled ass cheeks apart. He dived his mouth into my hole licking up and down the crack of my ass. Finally, this is what I was looking for. Inserted his tongue deep inside my hole and swirled it around. Could feel fingers begin the probe the inside walls of my ass. It felt incredible.

Moved me into the living room, where he had me brace myself against the edge of the sofa, he lubed up his cock and inserted it into my hole. Could feel him sliding in and out of my ass. Gripped my ass and started pounding away. I gripped the sides of the sofa and let myself feel the entire brunt of his thrusts into my ass. He had hit the spot deep in my hole that immediately made my cock come to life.

After a while of fucking my ass, he said he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out of my hole and had me get on my knees. He stuck his cock into my face.

“Suck it!” He ordered.

I took his cock down my throat- tasting ass and lube. He pushed his entire cock down my throat holding the back of my head and unloading his cum down my throat. While his cock was still down my throat sucking out all the remaining cum, I stroked my cock and shot a huge load

August 9, 2007

Quality Vs. Quantity

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So I bet you’ve all seen those Craigslist postings with pictures that are too “hot” to believed. So for the last several weeks there’s been this daily posting from this top guy. He attaches the picture of his torso which is totally ripped- I mean this guy looks to have a porn star body. When I first saw it I chalked him up to be a fake- either a picture collector or someone who was posing as something that he wasn’t. After like the hundredth posting I dropped this guy an email with my pictures. I thought what the fuck- god knows I’ve sent my picture to “others” and never heard back- what’s one more. So to my surprise, this guy sends me back a face/full frontal shot of himself. In his email to me- he was actually saying how he may not “rate up” to my standards since he was only hung 6/cut. Said that he didn’t get a lot of responses given his pictures. I sent him another email and let him know that even though I was hung, I wasn’t as concerned about dick size as much as a top guy who knew how to “tear up my ass”. Don’t know how many well hung guys have fucked me and have felt nothing. He responded back saying that “he loves to fuck ass!” So the slut in me caved in- I was horned up and needed seed- so I invited him over.

When he got to my place- it turned out the pictures were true. He was in his 30’s, short cropped brown hair, clean shaven, 5’7, 220, solid gymnasts muscles. He was somewhat shorter than I usually go for- but fuck this guys chest was killer-huge! What he lacked in height, he made up for aggressiveness. He immediately started feeling up my ass. I took him to the bedroom and slowly unress him. Bent down and kissed him on the lips. Once his cargo shorts were lowered, I dropped to my knees and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth. I began bobbing up and down on his cock- devouring it down my throat. Could feel his hands on the back of my head. Caressed his ripped abs until I cupped his pecs into my hands. Heard him moan. His dick was rock hard and pointed directly up. Don’t know if this guy was on Viagra or what- but jesus christ, his cock was stiff.
e told me to jump up on the bed so he could get a better look at my ass. I flipped on my back and raised my legs over my head to expose my hole to him. He licked several fingers and slid them down the length of my ass. Could feel his wet fingers gently slide into my hole. He opened me up by pumping his fingers in and out of my ass. With one hand grabbing the base of my dick, I started to stroke myself. He slapped his hard dick against my balls.

“You ready to get fucked?”

“Fuck yeah!”

Bent forward and pressed his entire muscle mass against me taking the sides of my head into his hands and kissed me hard on the lips. Our tongues pressed against each other. My hands gripped his ass and pressed him against me tightly. And then could feel him press the head of his very hard dick into my ass. He eased all the way inside of me- and I could feel his balls beginning to slap against my ass.

For the next hour, he pounded the living crap out of me. He was relentless. He may not have had a huge dick, but boy did he know how to use it. I did everything in my power not to cum. He grabbed at my deep as he thrusted his dick in and out of my ass. The combination of his hot body and pure animalistic fuck sent shivers inside me that caused the biggest load I had all fucking week.

“You gonna cum?”

I couldn’t speak. I just nodded.

“Fuckin’ cum with me!” he said.

Stroked me harder squeezing the base of my cock.

I screamed out- “Fuck I’m going to cum!”

“Yeah- shoot it!”

And he stroked out of me a huge motherfucking load of cum that shot all over my chest and abs.

Laid on top of me- his dick still lodged inside me squished with cum. Our sweaty chests beating hard against one another.

Definitely one of the best fucks I’ve had in a long time (or at least this week!)

August 8, 2007

Sucking Out Loads at the Adult Bookstore

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Friday afternoon- horned up and ready to start the weekend with a big creamy load.

Went by the adult bookstore on my way to the gym. What propels me to do stuff like this I never know. Just never got enough love when I was a child- I guess! So cruised around the store. It wasn’t too crowded. I followed this one guy upstairs to the straight porn section. He was a tanned man, in his early 50’s, short trimmed s/p hair, big chest, and small gut. He wore shorts, loose fitting tropical shirt, and flip flops. Once upstairs I ventured off to the gay porn section. On occasion I could see him pear over in my direction. He moved through the different rows of videos until finally he was in the next aisle over looking in the bi-sexual video section. I glanced over at him and his shorts were nicely tented. Could see him noticeably tugging at his cock through his pockets. What ever was growing inside his pants look meaty and delicious. He nodded in my direction. I moved ever so closer.

“How about if I help you out with that?”

“Yeah? I’d like that.”

“You have a place or want to go into a booth?”

“The booth is cool.”

We went into one of the booths. There was some girl eating another girls pussy on the screen. He stood in front of me while I sat on the bench. He pulled down his shorts and exposed a very plump and meaty 7-8 inch cock. I slid it into my mouth and all the way down my throat. I moved up and down the meat. Spit dripped from my mouth. He held the sides of my head and fucked my throat. He pushed his cock deep down my throat and held the back of my neck and said he was going to cum. He shot a big creamy load down my throat. My mouth milked the mans cock until I had every last fucking drop. After he left, I waited a few minutes and watched the girl and girl action (still not understanding why STR8 guys like it) and then left. Quite thrilled with the mans creamy load coating my throat as I headed off to the gym.

August 6, 2007

Weekend Recap – Fucked Again by Muscle Daddy

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Muscle Daddy summoned me to his place on Saturday.  He asked me to join him after he had finished his workout at the gym.  Asked me to wear jeans, white t-shirt, and army boots.  Had me come down to the dungeon where he would be waiting for me.  As I came down the stairs, Muscle Daddy was standing in the middle of the dungeon naked and stroking his cock.  He grabbed the back of my head- pushed my face into his left armpit.  “Sniff that that fucking pit boy!”  he ordered.  I took a deep breath- filling my lungs with his man-sweat.  It made my cock instantly hard inside my jeans.  I began to lap at his sweaty pits as he growled.   After his pits were licked cleaned he had me massage oil into his massive chest, shoulders, and bulging biceps while he stroked on his cock.  He flexed his muscles with each stroke from my hand.  The oil soaked in and glistened against his skin.  “Fuckin’ kneel!”  And his hand pushed pressed me down on my knees.  He began to beat my face with his huge hard on. 

“You want that dick boy?”

“Yes Sir!”

“You want me to feed you that cock?”

“Yes Sir any way you want Sir!”

“Open up that fucking mouth cocksucker!”

As his obedient servant, I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock into my mouth.  It slid nicely in and began nursing on the massive thickness that enveloped my mouth.  I had been thinking of this cock all day—so I was extra hungry and I could tell Muscle Daddy knew because he began to full throttle skull fuck my throat.  He took my head by the sides of my ears and thrusted his hips forward into my impaled throat.  He plowed my throat like it was a guy’s hot ass. 

Muscle Daddy ordered me to get up – and pulled down my jeans so they sat just below my knees.  He pushed my legs apart as far as they could so they strained against my jeans.  Pressed against my back as he spit onto my asshole.  Could feel it drip.  He nudged the head of his cock into my hole.  And then with one swift thrust- he pushed the entire length of his meat deep inside my hole.  He pulled me by the hips and pressed my ass all the way against his crotch and began fucking me deep.  His cock felt big and thick inside me.  My cock flapped into the air as he pounded my hole deeply.  I moaned out in pure joy.  “Shut the fuck up asshole!” he yelled back at me.  Muscle Daddy didn’t want to hear a fucking word from me.  I did everything in my power to stay as silent as could be as I heard the harsh slaps of his cock/balls against my hole.  Could feel him pull all the way out- his cock head teasing my hole each time he pulled out and rammed it back in with a mighty thrust.  As he deep fucked my ass for the next 20 minutes, I could hold back any more.  Without saying a word about it, I gave in and let him fuck the cum out of my cock.  It blasted out of me- like I had been holding back for weeks.  It was one of those amazing orgasms that feel so fucking good!  Wish all orgasms were like that.  But Muscle Daddy kept fucking—until finally, he shouted out – “Take my fucking cum motherfucker!”  And he pushed me harshly against the cross and held my hips tight against his crotch and shot deep inside my hole.  . 

August 2, 2007

After Work Fucking

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So I missed my regularly scheduled workout at the gym this evening in lieu of an old fashioned fucking. I was “itching” for a hard cock after work today so I responded to a few postings on Craigslist. Like usual, there was a large percentage of guys looking for tops. But I did find some guy who said he was versatile and dropped him an email. The stats he posted were “46yrs old, 6.0, 190, muscle, blk/brn, 8c., versatile”. We exchanged pics and told him that I wasn’t “versatile” and required an ass fucking if we met. He was game- liking my cock and ass. It was a long time since I had a nice big black cock inside my hole and was definitely ready.

When I got to his place, as promised, he was a very handsome guy- totally athletic looking like he was an football running back or something. Once the door closed, he immediately felt up my crotch. He gave my dick a tug through my pants. He had me sit on the sofa and asked if he could suck my cock. He kneeled in between my open legs and went to work on my cock. Must say he had a hot velvet throat which definitely got me big and hard. He managed to take me all the way down his throat which I commended him for. Then he lifted legs up and started eating at my hole. He dived in like it was his last meal. Had me turn around in a doggy style position and ate my hole from behind. I buried his entire face into my ass. His tongue was lodged way up inside my hole. I was in fucking heaven. Without any noticed, he squashed my head into the sofa cushion and pushed his meaty black cock inside my ass. There was no getting me used to his cock- like with some tops. He had buried the entire 8 inches and began thusting in and out of me. It appeared that this guy had only one speed of fucking– and that was fast. He pounded it inside of me like I was being tenderized or something. Don’t get me wrong- I live for a rough fast fuck. Love my hole raped!

He said that he was about to cum- but wanted to shoot it on my face. Had me flip over and straddled my throat. He began fiercely stroking his big cock while I stuck out my tongue in hopes of drinking down at least some of his seed. Moments later he pumped out a load (small but thick) that splattered on my nose and lips. After cumming, he stuck the head of his dick inside my mouth and I sucked as much cum out as I could. He asked if he could suck me off. He got down between my legs and took my cock into his mouth. He worked it up and down. Inserted a couple fingers into my ass and finger fucked me. Pressed the tips of his fingers against my prostrate and he must have sensed that I was about to cum because he took all my 9 inches down to the base and I unloaded down his throat. He drank it down without missing a drop.

July 30, 2007

Weekend Recap – Fucked by 10 inch Cock

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I’ve always been attracted to confident guys who know that they are tops and like to fuck. It really never mattered to me about the guys’ body type. I have so many friends who won’t even consider a guy if his body type doesn’t match his “type”. This weekend went out for drinks with my friend, Nate, who has a great muscular body. I spent most of the evening listening to him complain about not getting laid. But the issue is that he won’t have sex with a guy unless he has a “porn star” body. No one seems to be good enough for the “poor” guy. Granted he has a nice body, but come on- his face is just OK and I’ve seen his dick- and there’s not much going on down there! But can’t really tell him that- I just try to be supportive and convince him to expand his options, but he’s “drawn the line in the sand” so to speak. So when we are this bar and I was up buying drinks, I flirted with this very good looking tall skinny Daddy. He was in his 50’s, 6’3, 170, lean build, s/p hair, goatee. After we chatted with him a while, he gave me his number and told me to call him—said he wasn’t doing anything the rest of this weekend and would love to see me.

“Don’t call him- he’s like a hundred years old!”

“I fuck around with older guys all the time!”

Nate makes a face like “how could I!”

“First of all- he was fucking hot! And second of all– did you see the bulge in that guy’s crotch?!” I said in sheer glee.

“But he was so . . . skinny!” I laughed it off, but part of me just wanted to tell the guy to wake up. He wasn’t growing any younger- and his muscles were going to comfort him for so long.

So when I got home, I called the skinny Daddy. We chatted a little longer on the phone- we both said that we were horned up and looking. I confessed that I was 100% bottom guy- and to my delight, he said that he was top. Even though it was late, I wasted no time to invite him over.

When he arrived- I was still pleased. Sometimes under the influence of bar lighting, the hunt for cock, and large quantities of alcohol, some guys aren’t as “hot” in “normal” light. We went to my bedroom, where we immediately undressed. I was delighted to see that his chest was covered in a s/p fur. His body was tanned and was definitely thin- with a 33-34 inch waist. When he took off his tight white briefs, his huge cock and big balls dangled free. Even soft his dick was 8 plus inches. I immediately fell to my knees and took the fucker into my mouth. As his cock grew inside my mouth, he massaged the back of my head with his hands. Kept on saying, “Feels real good boy! Boy has a hot fucking throat!” I moved up and down on that big cock- trying to do my damnedest to take it all the way down my throat. Managed a few times without totally gagging! He then laid me on the bed and he laid on top of me and we 69’d. He thrusted his cock into my throat while he gulped down my cock. After a long night his throat felt incredible going up and down on my shaft. Managed to take me all the way to the base of my cock, while he spread my ass cheeks and parted my hole. He began to lick up to my ass, rimming me out fucking me deep with his tongue. At this point he was raising his hips up and down fucking my throat with his now fully erect monster of a cock. Fully erect his cock must have been 10 inches. He flipped me on my back, spread my legs, and propped my legs over his shoulders. Could feel his cock parting my hole- he bent forward and kissed me hard on the lips. He pushed his cock deeper inside me- little by little- until he started thrusting in and out of my ass. Could feel this low hanging balls slapping against my ass each time he fucked into me. As my ass greeted each fucking inch of him inside me, I stroked my cock. As he skewered me on his pole, he stared deep into my eyes. He said that he was going to cum and wanted me to cum with him- he grabbed me by the waist and pushed all 10 inches deep inside me. I fiercely jerked my cock- and shot my load a few moments later. Afterward, fell on top of me and kissed me deep on the mouth.

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